Why Deeplink?

Blockchain ecosystems will be unable to keep up with the ever-changing demands of needs, meet greater efficiencies and reduce vulnerabilities without an advanced level of automation and emergence.
When blockchains become more mainstream and complex, the underlining blockchain operation, efficiency, and infrastructure optimization will get more challenging. Blockchain ecosystems will be unable to keep up with the ever-changing demands of needs, meet greater efficiencies and reduce vulnerabilities without an advanced level of automation and the emergence of intelligence.
The current generation of money lego protocols (DeFi), smart-contract-native ecosystems, and dApps have brought us unprecedented levels of programmability and automation; the next wave will focus on intelligence as a core capability.
We aim to build an intelligence layer that benefits the underlying main blockchain architecture (layer 1) to advance in greater efficiency and automation in Ethereum or EVM-compatible chains.
Deeplink is an Ethereum-based deep-learning protocol that allows blockchains to maintain On-chain Neural Networks (ONN) while introducing programmability, machine learning, and data science into blockchains. Other Ethereum or EVM-compatible chains and protocols can use on-chain neural networks and ONN agents to improve efficiency, on-chain execution capabilities, and security.
Deeplink wants to make blockchains smarter while maintaining decentralization and security. It will be the first of its kind, offering on-chain neural networks and dev-ops for many on-chain applications. With an SDK, developers can integrate powerful deep-learning tools on-chain into their smart contracts, providing the perks of deep learning without relying on centralized authority, and making their products smarter and safer.

Our R&D will enable;

  • On-chain Neural Networks (OCNNs)
  • On-chain execution agents
  • On-chain machine learning and MLOps into smart contracts
  • Buy, lend or rent an on-chain agent
  • Simplified macro market metadata
  • Liquidity aggregator agents
  • Advanced smart contract programming capabilities
  • Smart NFTs Smarter aggregators and routers

Our efforts will improve;

  • Protocol back-office operations optimization
  • Capital efficiency across the Ethereum ecosystem and smart contract execution.
  • Efficacy in DeFi protocols, DEX, and cross-chain applications
  • On-chain credit scoring
  • Data aggregation & price discovery

Automation & Capital efficiency to smart contracts

  • Cross-chain smart order routing
  • Autonomous rebalancing agents
  • Smart oracles & AMMs

Security & data aggregation

  • Credit risks
  • On-chain credit scoring
  • Cross-chain price oracle data query
  • Smart-contract vulnerability analysis

Innovation Intelligent

  • Innovation Intelligent
  • NFTs Intelligent
  • DeFi protocols
  • Programmable stablecoins
  • Cross-chain applications

How do we solve the problem

  • Bringing programmability, on-chain data science & machine learning capabilities into blockchain and EVM-compatible chains for improved efficiency, on-chain execution capabilities, and security.
  • Bringing off-chain storage and computation into smart contracts
  • Doing hybrid infrastructure managed cloud to plug local machines or databases
  • Allowing blockchains to maintain on-chain neural networks (ONN)
We believe that building developer tools for AI & ML ecosystems that can build, test and deploy ML models directly into EVM-compatible chains with basic deep learning capabilities will revolutionize the money lego applications, protocols, and their ecosystem.
We intend to keep all technology, research, and products in an open-source environment so that all data will be available for everyone for free. All Deeplink development efforts will benefit communities across DeFi, DEX, AI & ML, and Data Science.
Last modified 1yr ago